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About This Game

An entirely new experience from the makers of the ‘The Forest’

Sons Of The Forest on Steam - 1

Sent to find a missing billionaire on a remote island, you find yourself in a cannibal-infested hellscape. Craft, build, and struggle to survive, alone or with friends, in this terrifying new open-world survival horror simulator.

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A Survival Horror Simulator

Experience complete freedom to tackle the world how you want. You decide what you do, where to go and how best to survive. There are no NPC’s barking orders at you or giving you missions you don’t want to do. You give the orders, you choose what happens next.

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++ DONATE ĐỂ TTG MUA ĐƯỢC NHIỀU GAME HƠN TẠI:n- https://vrdonate.vn/tructiepgamen- https://streamlabs.com/tructiepgamevnnn++ MUA/THUÊ GAME BẢN QUYỀN GIÁ RẺ TẠI:nWebsite: http://divineshop.vnnFanpage: https://www.facebook.com/Divine.Shop.Steamnn++ Đăng ký theo dõi tại đây: https://goo.gl/A7BCZVnnĐây là game THE FOREST chơi trên fanpage Trực Tiếp Game (https://www.facebook.com/tructiepgame/). Rất mong nhận được sự ủng hộ của ae.nn***CẤU HÌNH MÁY TÍNH TÀI TRỢ BỞI MSI:nnMain: MSI Z270 TOMAHAWKnVGA: MSI GTX 1070 GAMING X 8GnCPU: Intel Core i7-7700 ((8M Cache, 3.6GHz) SK 1151 BoxnRAM: G.Skill TRIDENT – 16GB (8GBx2) DDR4 nSSD: Liteon 120GB_PH5-CE120 SATA 2.5nNguồn: Seasonic 520w S12II-520 BronzenVỏ case: MSI Casing- MasterBox 5 _Dragon Edition

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Fight Demons

Enter a world where nowhere is safe and fight against a range of mutated creatures, some who are almost human like, and others who are like nothing you have ever seen before. Armed with pistols, axes, stun batons and more, protect yourself and those you care for.

Build and Craft

Feel every interaction; Break sticks to make fires. Use an axe to cut out windows and floors. Build a small cabin, or a sea-side compound, the choice is yours.

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Changing Seasons

Pluck fresh salmon directly from streams in spring and summer. Collect and store meat for the cold winter months. You’re not alone on this island, so as winter rolls in and food and resources become scarce you won’t be the only one looking for a meal.

Co-op Gameplay

Survive alone, or with friends. Share items and work together to build defenses. Bring back-up to explore above and below ground.

Mature Content Description

Sons Of The Forest contains intense violence, blood and gore, as well as horror themes and occasional nudity.

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